Custom Crystal Manifestation Grid

Custom Crystal Manifestation Grid

The custom Manifestation Grid creation requires me to work one-on-one with you to develop a very specific affirmation, stone selection, and Crystal layout, I also often use herbs and/or botanicals in my grid creation. Development may take longer than the standard choices because I may have to special order just the right crystals for your needs and/or preferences. Custom Manifestation grids add the extra energetic support layer of Crystal Reiki and are supported under a copper pyramid. If you choose, a custom oracle card pulls to add to your grid. You should note that the photos in this listing are examples--your grid will include stones and a custom layout to meet your unique needs. Your weekly heart exchange for this service are still billed per week that the grid is up, and include all planning and creation of layout, affirmation consultation, activation ritual, a digital image (emailed or texted) of your grid, daily energetic maintenance, and a supporting stone (anointed with my own anointing oil) from your grid mailed to you at the conclusion of your desired timeline. We will determine your grid activation timeline during our initial consultation.


Please note: Crystal gridding is a spiritual practice, and is not meant to diagnose or cure any physical, mental or emotional condition--but simply to supplement and support work that you are already doing with your health professionals.

  • Additional Details on Returns or Cancellations

    Due to the energetic and time investment in creating and mantaining grids, gridding services cannot be cancelled after the start date.  Due to the prep involved in custom gridding, services cancelled within 48-hours of anticipated start date will only recieve a 50% refund.


    Part of the gridding fee goes towards shipping you your grid stone, which is chosen intutuively to continue supporting you.  If you receive your stone broken or otherwise damaged, please contact my for a replacement.


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