Crystal Manifestation Grid Services

Crystal Manifestation Grid Services

A Crystal Grid will be created for you and will be sent daily Reiki and/or chi ball for the duration of time you have chosen.  Note that while I have some choices for the type of grid, the exact crystals for the grid will be intuitively chosen for you, and I often use herbs and/or botanicals in my grid creation.  You may also request an oracle card draw to be added to your grid--if you would like this, please notate in the comment section.

Choose from the following popular layouts:

  • Financial Abundance
  • Attracting Romantic Love
  • Creativity Boost
  • Good Health
  • Find a Job
  • Self-Love & Healing
  • Stay Grounded
  • Spiritual Awakening

Your heart exchange for this service is calculated per week and include the development of grid layout and affirmation, daily energetic maintenance via Reiki or chi ball (your choice), an image of your grid (emailed or texted to you), as well as one of the supporting stones of your grid mailed to you. Please make a note of any specific date you would like your grid activated, if you do not note a preference, I will activate on the Sunday following your order.  Please note that the grids pictures may be very similar to your ordered grid, but I will intuitively select stones and layouts uniquely for you.


Please note: Crystal gridding is a spiritual practice, and is not meant to diagnosis or cure any physical, mental of emotional condition--but simply to suppliment and support work that you are already doing with your health professionals.


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