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Reiki-infused Bath Teas

Lichen & Seaglass bath teas are small-batch crafted, and Reiki-infused for your Highest Good.  I hand-blend each batch, under the intention-setting influence of a New Moon.  I take pride in crafting these blends with organic herb, which are locally harvested (whenever possible), and with therapeutic-grade essential oils and house-made tinctures.  Each order comes with 3 bath teas bundles, in organic muslin (which can be rinsed and re-used is desired.


To use bath tea:

run a warm bath and add tea bag. Allow to steep for the duration of your bath period. Use the warm tea bag as a compress at the temples and pulse points, as desired. Note that the herbal blend may discolor your bathwater. The organic muslin bag may be cleaned and reused if desired.


Bath Tea Blends:

Love Child:

A soothing blend of Epsom, red Hawaiian salt, Rose petals, Jasmine Flowers, Rose Quartz, and scented with therapeutic grade, hand-blended Mermaid kisses essential oil blend.


Body Aches

An anti-inflammatory blend of Epsom, soma (white) HIMALAYAN salt, comfrey, locally-sourced hops, and scented with therapeutic ginger & lemongrass essential oils.

*note: I use this blend for my OWN rheumatic pain--it is wonderful as a warm compress on joints--note that it IS warming, though, so use caution is sensitive.


Sleep Tonic

A soothing blend of Epsom, french grey sea salt, passionflower, lavender, german chamomile, and scented with therapeutic lavender & vanilla essential oils.


Winter Skin

A soothing blend of Epsom, Pink HIMALAYAN salt, oatmeal, elderflower, locally harvested hops and scented with therapeutic grade Indian sandalwood & roman chamomile essential oils.