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cover of Crystal Intentions

Add this to your reading list now!

Only a month until the new book "Crystal Intentions" by Crystal Reiki Youtube goddess Lune Innate and Priestess Araminta Starr Matthews.  I had an amazing opportunity to get an advanced copy of this book, it not only gives guidance for real, adoptable practices but connects to many energetic practices that utilize crystals!

Intuitive Tarot & Oracle Pulls at L&S

Anyone who has seen any of my social media work knows that I have a love affair with tarot and oracle decks.  Philosophically, I see them as wonderful tools to draw consciousness and mindfulness to specific themes and areas --which is why I am very pleased to announce that this Fall I will be launching the ability to order a one-card inspirational draw and 3-card mind-body-spirit spreads in my shop, as well as the ability to add a draw to your distance energy work session.  I look forward to offering you this additional layer!

Kicking off *another* round of  professional development

For quite a while I have been eyeballing an online course in crystal healing from the Love & Light Scool.  The proprietor, Ashley Leavy is really knowledgable and seems to have a wonderful balance of the science behind vibration therapies, and the metaphysical and spiritual aspects.  Over the next year, I will be receiving an addition CCH as well as an ACP (Advanced Crystal Practitioner) from Love and Light School)

Warm up with the scent of spice!

It is getting cold at night in Northern Maine, and the fireplaces are starting to crackle.  It is not Fall quite yet, but that won't stop us from kicking up the warming essential oil blends!

Warm your spirit and scenes with a diffuser mixture of sweet orange, cinnamon and just a dash of clove (and, if you are like me--you could add a drop or 2 of peppery cardamon)!