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Bath Teas!

I still have a limited number of hand-crafted, Reiki-infused bath teas.  These are small-batch created, under the New Moon--and stay posted for news on a line of facial steams (teaser, they will be Mother, Maiden, Crone inspired!)

 Have you ordered your copy of Crystal Intentions yet?

It's out now!  "Crystal Intentions" by Crystal Reiki Youtube goddess Lune Innate and Priestess Araminta Starr Matthews.  I had an amazing opportunity to get an advanced copy of this book, it not only gives guidance for real, adoptable practices but connects to many energetic practices that utilize crystals!

cover of Crystal Intentions

Dreaming of spring!

Spring has sprung-- even if it is a little late getting up here to northern Maine, and in the midst of lock down, everyone is pulling all the stops with spring cleaning.

To energetically support that hard work, add a thieves-inspired mix of lemon and ginger essential oils to your infuser for a clean uplift! 


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